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Exit Combo(UL)



 Injection-molded thermoplastic housing.

 Plastic enclosure with 5VA flame retardant.

 Compact and decorative design.

 Friendly  configuration design for quick installation.

 EXIT letter 6” height and 3/4”stroke, snap in and snap

 out direction indicator.

 Fully rotatable lamps head easy snap in housing.

 Black color optional.


Suitable for wall mount , ceiling mount.

Universal J-Box mounting pattern on back plate.


120/277VAC 60Hz dual voltage input optional.

 Brownout circuit protection for ST/SD fixture. 

 Battery low voltage protection.

 Solid-State transfer circuit.

 Test switch and battery charging indicator.

 Maintenance free Ni-cad battery.

 24hours recharge,  more than 90minutes discharge.


Basic model with manual test switch and indicator.

RC option with 3.6V1.5W remote capability.

for constant output remote head, remote capability 1W max.

Self-testing and self-diagnostics optional.

Red and green color exit sign optional.


Long life red or green LED lamps  provide uniform diffuser    


Standard model lamp head DC3.6V 0.75W, deliver 150lm

from whole unit,CCT 5700K.

HO model lamp head DC 3.6V 1.2W, deliver 250lm from

whole unit, CCT 5700K.

Code compliance 

UL listed and meets or exceed all requirement in NFPA 70,   

NFPA 101 life safety code, suitable for U.S.A market.

Compliant CEC title 20 efficiency regulations.

Suitable for 10℃-40℃ ambient temperature,   

 suitable for damp location.

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